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Our Environment
Information on Water Resources from Waterwise.
Waterwise is a UK Non Government Organization focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency. They are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.

Our Envioroment:

  • The UK has an underlying water resource problem
  • The UK less available water than any other EU Country.
  • Climate Change means that rainfall will be more intense leading to more droughts.
  • Water consumption has risen by 1% a year since 1930.
  • Sewerage and water services use 3% of the UKs energy supplies, so reducing water consumption also helps tackle climate change.
  • Everyone in the UK uses 150 litres a day.
  • We will run out of water in the UK if we do not reduce the amount of water we use and waste.

Eco Friendly:

  • A 500ml bottle of Eco Car Washes product saves up to 1 ton of water.
  • No harmful waste is washed into the storm drains and then into the rivers.
  • Can even be used on a greenfield site.
  • Does not cause harm to marine life.

Car Washing Restrictions:

  • Some EU Countries have permanent bans or restrictions on domestic car washing.

Amount of Water Used in traditional car washes:

  • Washing a car with a hosepipe can use more than 180 litres per wash.
  • Washing a car with a bucket and sponge can use over 10 litres.
  • Eco Car Washes use no water.

For more information on Eco Car Washes and the Environment please contact us at info@ecocarwashes.co.uk

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