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International Opportunities

Why not be the first to introduce waterless car washing in your country? If you are interested in developing and running a waterless car wash business either from a fixed site or via a mobile business, you don’t have to look any further; Eco Car Washes can make this a reality as soon as you decide you want to step onto the path of success.

As you may have gathered, our unique selling point is that we use no water whatsoever in our car cleaning process and we are totally eco friendly; as well as using no water, all our products are biodegradable. We are able to offer all this to customers at a relatively low price because we are able to keep costs low as a business by using high quality: products, equipment and efficient processes.

I am sure you will agree, that this is a great business opportunity and you may be thinking that you would rather replicate our business idea but why lumber yourself with much higher start up costs and months of researching and trials, to have average success? We already have the winning formula (our innovative and eco friendly core concept along with our business expertise) to ensure that you will start your franchise and begin trading successfully as quickly as you can say ‘Look at my shiny car.’

As with our domestic Eco Car Washes franchise, our International Franchise system permits you the opportunity of running the equivalent of an Exo Car Washes International Master Franchise with two separate business opportunities available for you:

  • The Eco Car Washes Car Park Valeting License with Business to Business operation and control
  • The Eco Car Washes Product Distribution License allowing complete access to our high quality innovative product range and trade opportunity.

Total control

Owning a Master Franchise will mean you have total control in your region or country, which means you are free to grow your Car Wash business at a rate suitable to yourself with ongoing support, from our experienced business network.

Desirable attributes for ideal candidates include:

Ambition, determination, customer focused, innovative, environmentally conscious; also must posses strong business acumen, have a good background in business and be financially sound.

If you possess these qualities, Eco Car Washes would be more than happy to continue our success with you, in your country.

We have recently had strong interest from all across the world, including: Ghana, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Portugal, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Latvia, Romania, India, Nigeria, South Africa and Sudan to name a few. Several states in America have also shown interest in our business.

The Eco Car Washes car wash and valeting business system we have created, is a world class service and we want you to be part of our success story. Please contact us in the first instance by filling in our Franchise Request Form.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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