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Costs from: £7000 plus VAT to £75000 plus VAT.

Looking For that big break?..Well, here is your chance to be part of a revolution in the Car Wash Industry.

Eco Car Washes is your gateway to owning a profitable business. We have a winning formula- a great core concept and a wealth of business expertise. Also you can rest assured that you will be supported throughout your journey; our business network will help ensure that your business excels and that as a company, we become market leaders.

We are looking for driven and ambitious individuals who can manage and operate at busy car wash sites or manage mobile operations with teams of qualified valeting technicians.

So if you are a driven and ambitious individual who is ready to take that step towards securing financial freedom, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. The process for joining our business is detailed below. Make that initial step today!

Step 1
Please complete our franchise application form:

Step 2
We will then contact you, to have an informal conversation and give you more detailed information about our business opportunity. This will determine whether we will progress with your application.

Step 3
You will have a formal one on one interview with one of the Directors, where you will be discussing the success of your application.

Step 4
Two weeks training programme- We have an intensive 2 week training course, which is a combination of practical and theory, designed to equip you with everything you need to run your own Car Wash and Valeting business successfully.

This includes:
Week 1. Lectures/seminars on: The culture of the business, Business Management and Marketing, Customer Services and Customer Care Management and Product Training.

Week 2. Practical: Valeting and Car Washing skills; you will receive on- site intensive training from Valeter to Manager. Once the practical is completed you will undertake a final Assessment and on completion, you will graduate.

Step 5
Open Your Business. Start operating and making money immediately with the help and support of our business network.

The Eco Car Washes Car Park Unit has been designed to make it possible for a car wash operation to take place, where previously, it would have not been possible.

From our operation base- our drop off and pay kiosks, Eco Car Washes operators are assigned to clean cars wherever they have been parked or in our dedicated valeting bays.
so it is no longer a case of waiting for a free space, we come to you.

Customers will leave their cars with us, assured that they will return to a car fit to be displayed in an upmarket car showroom.

It is all about delivering excellent customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. As well as making sure and assuring customers that their cars will be safe under the supervision of the technicians, other services are offered, such as: trolley collection and returning, car park security, rubbish collection etc. When operating on site, we are accommodating in any situation to ensure customer satisfaction so initiative is a vital attribute to possess.

Our unique Eco friendly waterless system enables us to operate practically anywhere at anytime- as mess and disruption is not a factor for us. We are able to offer people a hassle free, environmentally friendly good value service.

You can be assured that, all Eco Car Washes Operatives and Technicians will be fully unformed and will be well trained to ensure the service delivered is nothing short of excellent. Also as the car parks vary in size we can discuss the details of the type of operation you would like to undertake.

We will be assessing all business operations before trading begins and giving advice on how to develop your plans to ensure your business is a success. You have two start up options: one- start the business small and grow quickly and two- have multiple users from the start. Whichever you decide you have our full expert support so don’t delay Contact us today for a full consultation on: 0844 544 9991

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