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Welcome to Eco Car Washes.
We at Eco Car Washes want to change the way you wash cars. Our reliable team of fully-trained valet staff are part of the reason we are fast becoming the number one player in the supermarket and shopping centre car wash sector. Go “green” with our environmentally car wash system. Using the latest technology Eco Car Washes can offer your customers a fast, efficient waterless car valeting service without the mess.

A car wash without water you say? Yes. Not only does that mean we leave no mess it is also kind to the environment. No water equals no waste or chemicals washed into your drainage system. All our products are biode gradable so your customers won’t be harming the environment in the pursuit of a clean car. Here at Eco Car Washes we take environmental issues very seriously which is why we are well on the way to achieving an ISO 14001 environmental accreditation.

Whatever you require from Eco car washes, you’ll always find our staff well trained and highly motivated. We fit with great ease and efficiency into your operation, consistently seeking for continued improvement of our service.

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